NASA solves 40-year-old mystery of Jupiter`s X-Ray Auroras

By First Look Kolkata of July 26, 2021

NASA solves 40-year-old mystery of Jupiter`s X-Ray Auroras

If you go to Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden), you would be able to see the mesmerising beauty of Auroras. The beatiful phenomenon attracts thousands of tourists to this region.

Jupiter has Auroras too! The super-huge gas planet exhibits Auroras near both its poles. But there’s more.

Jupiter’s Auroras emit X-rays. For decades, scientists were puzzled about the reason behind these X-Ray emissions from the visual treat. NASA has solved that mystery now.

The National Aeronautics and Space Association (NASA) has posted an image on Instagram and made it known to the world that another of Jupiter’s mysteries has been solved.

The image posted by NASA shows the gas planet in all its glory! The mega-storms on the planet are plainly visible. But what’s more interesting is the purple hue of Auroras seen at both poles of the planet.

Scientists knew that Auroras are caused by ions crashing into Jupiter’s atmosphere but now they know how the X-Ray causing ions enter the atmosphere of the planet.

NASA says that ions responsible for X-ray emissions are ‘surfing’ the electromagnetic waves in Jupiter’s magnetic field to enter the planet’s atmosphere.

To come to the conclusion, NASA combined data from its Juno mission and European Space Agency’s XMM-Newton mission.

The expanse is revealing it secrets one-by-one after all!

Source: WION