Faissal Khan on brother Aamir Khan’s divorce with Kiran Rao his decision to not marry: ‘I can’t afford a wife’

By First Look Kolkata of August 25, 2021

Faissal Khan on brother Aamir Khan’s divorce with Kiran Rao his decision to not marry: ‘I can’t afford a wife’

Actor Aamir Khan’s brother Faissal might not have had the illustrious career like him, but he appears to be content with what he has attempted. Faissal, who is turning director with his latest film, Faactory, says he is his own person and secure with Aamir’s fame, and that everything is alright between them, after years of difficulties in their relationship.

Faissal said that his film belongs to a ‘tough’ genre, but he is grateful to his team and their cooperation as everything turned out well. When asked if he shares Aamir Khan’s ‘marketing genius, he responded, “Aamir is the most famous person in our family but after this film releases people will know Faissal Khan as an individual, actor, director and singer.”

Asked whether he is ever felt that he is in Aamir’s shadow, he answered, “I have never bothered about all this. When a person isn’t aware of himself, that’s when they get worried about such things. I know what I am and what I can do. I know my capabilities. Kuchh toh log kahenge logo ka kaam hain kehna… (People will talk because that’s what people do).”

As there is constant speculation about the ever-widening rift between the two of them, Faissal cleared the air and said that everything is well between them. “As an individual I take my own decisions. I am not a director who doesn’t know what he has made. I have given my best and my producers have helped me with it. God’s and the audience’s verdict remains to be seen.”

Faissal said that Aamir and his mother have watched the film, and are duly impressed with it. “Both my mom and Aamir have watched the film. My mother loved it. It was my mother’s dream that I should turn director, which has been fulfilled with this film. Aamir found the film very engaging and said it is very good for a first time director. He said to me ‘You have sung the song very well. You’re better than me.’ I replied, ‘What can I do?’ Faissal Khan had also turned singer for the film.

Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao were the talk of the town when they announced their divorce. Faissal said that he would choose not to give them any advice, as his own marriage didn’t work out. Faissal also mentioned that he has no plans of marrying again, “Unfortunately, I have not made enough money to afford a wife and I don’t have any girlfriend, because having one is also an expensive affair. A wife is even more expensive. Picture hit ho toh ladki dhoodna shuru karu.”

Faissal had been involved in an ugly legal battle with his family after they allegedly kept him under house arrest for a year as they expressed concerns about his mental health, saying that he was depressed and had schizophrenia.  Faissal moved court when he was asked by his family to give up his signatory rights. Faissal said that he underwent a mental evaluation at JJ Hospital for 20 days, after which he was declared of sound mind and mentally healthy. “I was given wrong medication for one year, which was very unfair on the family’s part,” he told Bollywood Hungama last year.

Source: Indian Express