The Revenge – Short Movie By Arindam Bain

By Arindam Bain of June 18, 2016

The Revenge – Short Movie By Arindam Bain

THE REVENGE – A BRUTAL PUNISHMENT is story of a boy once ragged by 4 students at an engineering college took revenge on them. Directed by Arindam Bain of First Look Kolkata.


  • Physho Killer – Arindam Bain
  • Partim – Partha Manna
  • Mausam – Mausam Chattopadhyay
  • Saikat – Saikat Maity
  • Sayak – Sd Amruszaman

Camera: Arindam Halder

Others: Sudip Chattaraj and Nilotpal Paul

VFX & Editing: Shubhajit Banerjee

A First Look Kolkata home production with the help of all students of HIDSAR
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