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Hello All! This is Shubhajit Banerjee, co-founder of First Look Kolkata. Professionally I am a web developer.

I have started First Look Kolkata 5 years ago with an aim of providing short movies in Kolkata with Suman Sinha and Abhinava Das. But due to some financial reasons we could not achievedĀ a bigger success. Then about 3 years ago, we got Arindam Bain. Trust me, I have never seen a talented person like him. He is very much talented and has a mind full of creative ideas. We have already created 3 highly acclaimed movies with help of him.

We need your support, please support us from the core of your heart so we can create more and more stuffs for the sole purpose of entertainment.

If you want to write me something then go to our Contact page and send me a quick mail.